François Jacob

44solar is mainly, but not uniquely focused on one of the keys for successful thin-film solar cells: the growth of quality thin-films of Cu(In,Ga)Se 2 (or CIGSe). We transfer CIGSe material and device understanding to the conception and construction of the necessary vacuum equipment for its large area deposition.

44solar has expertise in the materials, the deposition methods, the complete process control, and in the full-scale machine production. We supply machines, process expertise, problem solving and new technology development. We do not just supply, but collaborate with our customers.

44solar is creative, flexible and dynamic. We can supply proven technology and adapt to specific customer requirements, or we use our know-how to propose, develop and prove experimental technology and novel solutions.

44solar is based in Nantes, France, but is an international company by virtue of its founders (Franco-American, Germans and Korean) and by its collaboration with its established partners MacroTech Steuerungstechnik GmbH and VTC, Korea Vac-Tec Co.,Ltd.