John Kessler
•  23 years in photovoltaics and material science
•  complete CIGSe devices and their operation
•  synthesis and process control of all steps involved in thin-film CIGSe devices
•  three time world record holder for CIGSe mini-modules efficiencies
   (including the present 16,6%)

Martin Bresch
•  vacuum evaporation process
•  process control software

Daniel Köhn
•  electrical engineering
•  practical machine conception

Maxwell Choi
•  industrial equipment construction
•  vacuum technology

Our synergy is the understanding
•  of the targeted material properties
•  of synthesis methods
•  of the involved equipment and its construction
•  of the product (i.e. the PV device)
•  of the production environment and objectives

Apart from its partnership with MacroTech Steuerungstechnik GmbH and VTC, Korea Vac-Tec, 44solar is in close collaboration with the University of Nantes where John Kessler is also Professor in Electronics, Optronics and systems. Opportunities for research and development, technology transfer, and sophisticated analysis and measurement are thus assured.